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Hand-Stuffed Garlic Olives

West Country Olives were born out of a desire to produce great-tasting olives. Using olives from around the Mediterranean, they marinate them in-house with natural, local ingredients. This is one for the garlic lovers. The olive is hand-stuffed with sweet garlic cloves, and for extra measure, coated with blended sweet garlic. The sweetness of the garlic works well with the salty olive.


Hand-Stuffed Garlic Olives By West Country Olives 175g

  • Mammoth green Halkidiki olives stuffed with garlic cloves, minced sweet garlic and rapeseed oil.

  • If this item is not currently in stock we will place an order with our supplier. All orders received by 9 am Wednesday will be delivered to the customer by Friday.

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